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Camp Masala - a special weekend your family will never forget!

Dates: TBD for June 2025

Registration for our 2025 year will open in January 2025.

For more information on how you can volunteer please contact: 


Camp Masala Official Logo

Camp Masala Official Logo

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Our Mission

At Camp Masala we seek to foster an environment for participants to develop lasting relationships and explore their shared South Asian heritage through fun and educational activities. We draw upon the rich resources within the South Asian community to bring authentic perspectives to camp.

Countdown to Camp!


What is Camp Masala?

A weekend of fun your family will never forget!

Interested in Donating to Camp Masala? Wondering What the Donations Support?

Donations help Camp with a range of things from inviting various professionals to teach their skill and share their wisdom to providing scholarships for families to make Camp Masala accessible! We appreciate all the support we receive from the community. Thank you for your continued support for the last 20 years! 

- The Camp Masala Board